About Us

Carmen L. Chaisson is a licensed professional coder who spend most of her time trying to help others with the same passion as her.  Her Christian faith helps her be compassionate to others and be faithful to what she does.  Code Envee is a result of her passion for helping others.  She created this store to aid other Christian fellows and people who are looking to get certified.  Code Envee is her passion project which she has worked tirelessly for.  Her dedication and loyalty to her work are apparent from the level of quality she provides her customers. 

Code Envee was developed to help medical professional like medical coders, medical billers and nurses to have personalized items that would help them in their day-to-day lives.  There is a large amount of variety of products available for you to pursue.  You get customized mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, notebooks, mugs and etc.  All these items are important and essential in medical personnel's lives.  Having these goods personalized not only makes them more charming but also make sure no one mistakes it for their own.  Customized products like this come in handy when working in a hectic environment such as the medical field. 

You can purchase the products you want and have it delivered to you doorstep in a few days.  As a customer you will endure a high level of customer support and quality that is hard to match anywhere else.  That is why most clients return for more shopping and we receive praise. The store is not just another online store but a place where you can find and customize any number of goods knowing that your needs will be met and you will be taken care of.